Marjan Moghaddam


Marjan Moghaddam is pioneering and award-winning digital artist and animator who has been exhibiting her computer-generated art works in galleries, museums, and festivals since the 1980s. She was the featured artist for the launch of Dotcom Gallery, the first commercial, internet-based, fine arts gallery in 1996, and has had her digital art exhibited at curated exhibits at the Armory Show and Art Basel, and as official selections of the Siggraph Computer animation festival and art gallery 4 times, including the CG '03, 30 Years of Computer Art international travelling exhibition. Ms. Moghaddam is the recipient of numerous grants and prizes for her digital art such as the Rockefeller Fund, Brooklyn Arts Council/NY Department of Cultural Affairs, and is hailed as a “Trailblazer in Digital Art” by the Times Tribune and “The First Lady of Animated Painting” by The Examiner. Most recently, Marjan is one of the Winners of the 2017 International Digital Sculpture prize, for her #ArtHacked #Digitalbodies series on Instagram. These Mixed Reality hacks have gone viral on the Internet with millions of views on major art channels on Facebook & Instagram, and tens of thousands of shares. She is currently exhibiting AR animated sculptures in Ulm museum in Germany.

Artist Events 

Installation on view: We The People
Two forms, male and female, are entangled in an abstraction embrace and expression. Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness reflects on the cycle by rising out of a chaotic world as immigrants or citizens of the US. We rise into whole, complete humans with the joys and celebration of liberty, until it is time to pass on, and then more will rise after us, for not even death can end this project of liberty and the pursuit of happiness as it is passed on from citizen to citizen.

This Augemented Reality Installation will be on view at Smithsonian’s Arts + Industries Building