Estefani Mercedes

Estefani Mercedes


Stephanie Mercedes is a Washington D.C. based artist who melts down weapons and bullet casings confiscated by the D.C. police into musical installations and art objects. Mercedes hopes to transform the materiality of violence into into opposite. She strongly believes in the power of music to both heal and as a call to action. She has been funded by Open Society's George Soros and Lights Works. She was an artist in residence at the Halcyon Art Labs, VisArts and Transformer Gallery and has exhibited and performed at the Bronx Museum, Queens Museum and the Smithsonian. 

(photo credit: Stephanie Mercedes, 2018, Contrapposto, Transformer's Siren Art Residency Program)


Artist Events

Performance: “What is Left Behind: is this Freedom?”
Saturday June 15, 5pm-6pm 
Georgetown Waterfront

In this large scale performance, featuring a D.C. based choir, Stephanie Mercedes will pay homage to the waterways and what freedom looks like in the United States. Through repeating the chorus “Freedom” from popular songs in a call and response format, and engaging the audience, the performers will meditate on the fact that the US navy leaves empty ammo rounds in the ocean. This work is a continuing series of waterway voice performances which began at Transformer's Siren Arts Residency; each are calls to action against violence at sea.