About the Artists

Tiffany Lin is a visual artist, wordsmith, and dreamer. Through drawing, writing, and performance, her work investigates the nebulous distinction between want, need, and desire in context of political and capitalist spectacles. She maintains an intimate sketchbook process that serves as a sociological platform, documenting encounters that situate the artist as observer, participant, and researcher. By manipulating vernacular language and signifiers of chance, she reveals how manifestations of want are informed by the nation state, free markets, and imperialist legacies.

JJ Bozeman is a stage and film actor who has worked in various productions throughout NYC. Originally hailing from Augusta, Georgia, he has engaged flag practices his entire life as the descendant and relative of the United States Army and Navy veterans. For CODES, he conducted a series of interviews with family and community members in Georgia to gain varied perspectives on flag handling and current controversy.

Gu Wei is a Singaporean composer whose music has been described as having ‘warmth of real splendour'. Having lived in China, the U.K., the U.S. and Germany, he draws his influences from a wide range of sources and is a composer demonstrating versatility in his style and idiom. Gu Wei’s music has appeared in various occasions in Singapore and around the world, including performances and commissions by Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Alarm Will Sound, Singapore Wind Symphony, Peabody Symphony Orchestra, The Philharmonic Winds, ADDO Chamber Orchestra, AudioImage Wind Ensemble, Princeton Pianists Ensemble and musicians of the JACK Quartet. Prizes received for his music include first prizes in WBAS Wind Band Composition Contest 2018, Macht Orchestral Composition Competition 2017, second prize in Prix d'Eté Competition 2016, and winner of the ‘Singapore Compose!’ Competition 2015. While studying overseas, his music has also been featured in festivals such as the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt 2016, New Music On the Point Festival 2017 and Etchings Festival 2018. Gu Wei is currently reading a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Composition at Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University.



CODES is an investigative performance that explores the rites and practices surrounding flag handling. The project operates as a mental tabula rasa - a platform for spectators to question who and what the flag represents, what constitutes nationhood, and why it is deified in this manner.

 The project implements the steps of hoisting and lowering an invisible flag following the rules of display and care found in Chapter 1 Title 4 of the United States Code.  Additional interpretations are subsequently woven into the existing protocol, referencing acts of respect, grief, denouncement, and protest. The pantomime is performed along with a conceptual composition by Gu Wei entitled History, which plays upon themes of chance through the randomization of notes from the Star-Spangled Banner.