Anacostia Arts Center


The Anacostia Arts Center opened in 2013. It is 9,300 square feet, and includes a 1,000 square feet Black Box Theater; space for five galleries/boutiques; a short term exhibition gallery called Blank Space SE, a café, and an 800 square feet lounge area. 


I Made This Dance and Nobody Cares But You is a series of seven performances for a single audience member at a time. Some dances will be viewed through a peephole, some in a traditional theater setting with a single chair in the audience, some in a confined space where the audience and the performers getup close and personal. Each work will consist of an environment of sets/objects, lighting, projection, sound, and dancers/movement. Choreographers Holly Bass, Hayley Cutler, Erica Rebollar, and Shannon Quinn, and Producing Director Ben Levine are each power houses in the DMV contemporary performance community.

Satellite locations set their own dates and hours for their programming, and may not have the same dates or hours as official By The People events. If you have any questions about programming or accessibility, please contact satellite locations directly.