Washington Studio School


Washington Studio School's (WSS) mission is to offer exceptional visual arts learning opportunities to District and Washington-area residents of all skill levels in a welcoming, inclusive and focused environment through classes and workshops in the time-honored disciplines of drawing, painting, mixed media, and sculpture as well as exhibitions and related programs.  


See and Be Seen is the 7th iteration of Washington Studio School’s (WSS) annual Big Draw day. Each year since 2013, WSS has opened up the school on a Sunday in late-June to the entire DC area to join us for a free day of drawing from dynamic, unconventional still life set-ups and costumed models. Initially called The Big Draw, an additional third component was added two years ago centering on the idea of self-portrait, and which manifests itself as a summer long evolving exhibition in our gallery space. It has since become the centerpiece and primary focus of the day.  

Satellite locations set their own dates and hours for their programming, and may not have the same dates or hours as official By The People events. If you have any questions about programming or accessibility, please contact satellite locations directly.