Stevie Famulari


Stevie Famulari, Gds focuses on greening designs to create healthy spaces for living and working. Her work in greening designs, research, and education can be seen nationally and internationally. With art of green design applied to the science of phytoremediation, Ms.Famulari’s works have aesthetic beauty and healing for both people and environment. Questioning tradition has been a large part of Stevie’s artwork, understanding ecological processes, using community and individual stories of a site, and revealing process to create site-specific artworks.

Stevie Famulari's work has been exhibited internationally, and has appeared in hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers, and television appearances. With her work being received to a larger public, Stevie has personally had international and and national appearances on Food Network Challenges, Food Network Specials, NBC Evening News, Oakland Tribune, Talkin' Food with Joe Schipacci and Tami Bennet, World Entertainment News Network, and High Plains Reader. 

Internationally and nationally, Stevie's work and images have also appeared in The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Travel Channel, Good Morning America, CBS Early Morning News, Washington Post, NY Daily News, The Post Standard, Annezbiz (Turkey), Trust for Public Land, Winnipeg Free Press, Boston Herald, Berkeley Daily Planet, NY Village Voice, Ins & Outs Magazine, Santa Fe Reporter, and the Star Tribune. 

Artist Events

Engaging Urban Greening
The need of diverse and unique planting designs has been discounted for the short-term financial gain. The effect has been detrimental to not only the larger environment, but also to those living and working in it. ‘Engage Urban Greening’ explores unique ideas to the largely depreciated plant community and celebrates the values which plants add to the environment and all those who inhabit it. Giving people the gift of plants is inspiration to encourage the future of green design to be accessible in all spaces. Guests will be encouraged to make and take home their own ‘living’ artwork!

Stevie Famulari's work will be installed at the Smithsonian's Arts + Industries Building:

Saturday, June 15, 10am-6pm
Sunday, June 16, 10am-6pm
Friday, June 21, 10am-6pm
Saturday, June 22, 10am-midnight
Sunday, June 23, 10am-6pm