Photo Noir


Nubian Hueman is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world.  We bring popular culture, and fair-trade to a modern brand experience by serving as a means to promote collective interaction, community development, and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic platform.

We are a social enterprise that specializes in sourcing and curating unique goods, fashion, and art by designers representing the global Diaspora.  We break the myth that artists cannot live through their creative abilities which drives us to change the narrative of design around the world.  Our success has been in partnering with close to 400 artists and designers, from 6 different continents, and over 25 countries.  We are the only digital and brick-and-mortar with 99% of it's products made and purchased by people of color. Essentially we are the link that binds creative sustainability and international commerce.


When one thinks of photography as an art form, the black-and-white print is a dominant image. Photo Noir is a group exhibition curated by Haitian American Artist Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre. It is a conscious response to an image-driven society propelled by cell-phone technology. Society now has the ability to document every encounter, action and meal. Since its invention in the mid-1800s, black-and-white photographs have had the ability to distill a scene to its essence, while still evoking drama and mystery. Photo Noir channels the mystery of Blackness through the black and white print.

The photography exhibition features the works of Kirth Bobb, Michael Kendall, Jarrett Hendrix, Michael Anthony, Phil Martin, Charles Jean-Pierre, Julian Thomas and Adedayo Kosoko. The pieces feature black and white scenes of everyday life in places as far-reaching as Haiti, Colombia and Cuba to Southeast Washington DC. The exhibition includes every manner of styles, from landscape to still life to portrait. The collective of black fathers, artists, and creatives was assembled to create a  community expression of black art and black love. The exhibition was originally seeded by Nubian Hueman for the Black Love Experience 2019.