Art of The Rough Diamonds @ Inter-American Development Bank

1300 New York Ave NW

Washington, DC 20577

Art of The Rough Diamonds is a Japanese non-profit organization begun in 2011 and formally established as a legal entity in 2018 to support the ownership and financial independence of mentally disabled or ill artists though fair evaluations of their art works.

There are many disabled artists who have marvelous talents in the Latin America and Caribbean region. This exhibition focuses on the talents of mentally disabled but especially talented artists in Japan and the surrounding regions, whose work present the cross-cultural impact on the issue of social
inclusion of handicappable persons in the regions surrounding Japan. Art of The Rough Diamonds approachs their essence of art and philosophy. This exhibition is expected to be the first catalytic step to shed lights on unknown disabled artists and to enhance their inclusion and ownership to the societies and economies of the Japan and its neighbors.