Lee's Barbershop


Dr. Lee started his education at Ketchem Elementary School, attended Kramer Junior High School, and went on to Chamberlain Vocational highSchool where he first began his barbering career. He then branched out to cosmetology and became the top student in his class among 35 colleagues. He ultimately received his barbering certification in 1978 as an apprentice.

Since age 9, barbering has always been his true passion and calling. When his business began to expand, Dr. Lee started scouting for a location and a community to call his own. In July 2007 he moved Lee's Barbershop to his current location 4409 Bowen Road SE Washington DC in Ward 7. Dr. Lee uses the Barbershop as a community hub for conversation and education. He continues to work tirelessly on his expansion project so that he can adequately serve the needs of his growing community. His current project took his establishment from nine barber chairs to fifteen, with all barbering services including facials, ingrown hair removal, and massages. His barbershop is focused on providing professional and quality service for all members of the community in a highly respectful atmosphere, while employing some of the most experienced staff that the DMV has to offer. He stands side by side with his barbershop family daily to provide exemplary barbering services to the community. 


Kahlil's Joseph's BLKNWS is an innovative project by the Los Angeles artist and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph. A two-channel video broadcast that blurs the lines between art, journalism, entrepreneurship, and cultural critique, BKLNWS is a critical analysis of how race and storytelling collide within information systems. Exploring film as a powerful collective experience that can be manipulated through its essential visual and audio components, BLKNWS utilizes samples of popular culture, archival material, and filmed news desk segments to expose the glaring under-development of the news media format. Through this conceptual approach to contemporary journalism and entrepreneurship, Joseph envisions BLKNWS as an artwork, a think-tank, a global network, a broadcast platform, and an ongoing archive: "the SportsCenter for black culture." Each edition of BLKNWS is in constant communication with the artist's studio through a hard-wired internet connection, receiving new content in real-time to build an ever-expanding broadcast unique to each location. Current public satellites include three distinct sites at Stanford University; UNION boutique at Lower Harajuku in Tokyo; and the Underground Museum in Los Angeles, as well as installations in private residences. BLKNWS made its European debut at the 58th Venice Biennale in May 2019.

Kahlil Joseph's work will be installed at Lee's BarbershopUnion Market, and Eaton.