IA&A at Hillyer


IA&A at Hillyer (formerly Hillyer Art Space) is International Arts & Artists’ contemporary arts center based at our headquarters in Washington, DC. Committed to serving the public and supporting artists at all stages of their careers, Hillyer presents a series of exhibitions and programs that feature local, regional, and international artists. Founded in 2006, Hillyer continues to provide significant support to both local and international artists, as well as presenting programs that reach a broad audience and create a platform for dialogue. Hillyer is uniquely positioned to promote cross-cultural understanding and international exchange, perfectly reflecting DC as a diverse, multicultural city and an international capital.


"Bullets to Bells" with artist Stephanie Mercedes is a participatory workshop. Members of the public will be invited to drop cleaned empty bullet casings into a small portable forge, then watch as the bullet casings are transformed into a peaceful ringing bell. The bell will be hung on the site and will pay tribute to gun violence in the area. A short poem will be written collectively by the public who participate in the workshop. This poem will be engraved on the bell made "by the people." During the melting process, singers will quietly reflect on the moment of material transformation. The workshop hopes to give agency back to members of the DC community who at times feel they cannot make a difference in national politics.

Satellite locations set their own dates and hours for their programming, and may not have the same dates or hours as official By The People events. If you have any questions about programming or accessibility, please contact satellite locations directly.