Halim Flowers


Halim Flowers is co-founder and chief strategy officer at Unchained Media Collective, a social impact production company that empowers currently and formerly incarcerated people as storytellers and advocates. Halim was born and raised in Washington, DC, then the murder capital, during the crack era. He was sentenced to 40 years to life for a crime he was involved in at age 16. In 2019, he was released after successfully petitioning for resentencing after 22 years behind bars. Halim’s personal mission is to help empower those in the same situation that defined his life, being incarcerated as a child in an adult prison system focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. A passionate social entrepreneur, he launched his own publishing company, SATO Communications, while incarcerated at age 24. His 11 books have been distributed globally and are used in classrooms nationwide to discuss the impact of incarceration on young people. He has taken numerous college classes in business and sociology, and plans to complete his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University, through the Prisons and Justice Initiative.

Artist Events 

No Free
No Free
is a popup spoken word performance by local poet and author Halim A. Flowers. The No Free performance is inspired by the ‘Four Freedoms’ speech of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the For Freedoms artist-run platform for civic engagement created by Hank Willis Thomas, and the lyrics from hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Meek Mill in their rap song ‘What’s Free’. With his poetry, Halim explores the illusive concept of freedom in the land of the free that simultaneously has the most human beings incarcerated in the world. His performance will examine the dichotomy of the four freedoms that President Franklin Roosevelt advocated for – the freedom of speech and worship and the freedom from want and fear – versus the reality for those who since the founding of our nation have never felt liberated to partake in these elusive freedoms.

Georgetown Waterfront, June 16, 3:00-3:45pm
Capitol Riverfront, June 21, 4:00-4:45pm
Anacostia Park, June 22, 1:00 - 1:45pm